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Basic information about JetX game from Mostbet India - try the free demo version of the game

In Mostbet, Jetx is another branch of the company from sports betting towards casinos. Although many players call it a hybrid between a classic bet and a casino, referring to the factor of chance and excitement, in reality this does not matter. It is much more important to understand how Jet X works in order to understand how to play it profitably.

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In Mostbet, the game for money with a rocket is as follows: the player presses the "Start" button and the rocket rises into the air, and with it the coefficient grows from zero; and the main task is to timely press the withdrawal button until the rocket falls. If the description seemed complicated to you, then do not be alarmed, because there is a demo mode where you can understand and play JetX India for free.

General questions about the Jet X game from Mostbet

It is worth starting the review with general questions that are not so important for players already involved in betting, but are necessary as basic information for all beginners.

Registration JetX Mostbet

Creating a profile for a bet in JetX Mostbet is done on the official website of the bookmaker. Profiles are combined for all three areas of the company: sports betting, casino and JetX. However, unlike competitors, here this procedure is maximally simplified as much as possible in the context of registration. There are three ways to create an account:

  • in one click - you literally need to press one button to make a profile, and only then indicate all personal information in it;
  • by phone - a phone number with personal information is indicated and confirmed using a code from SMS;
  • by e-mail - the user specifies an e-mail, confirms it with a code from the letter and also enters personal information.

Thus, each player can create a profile for even a small bet on a rocket almost instantly.

JetX Mostbet India: Pros and cons of the game

If we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this Mostbet India rocket game, then the following can be distinguished as strengths:

  • ease of play - you do not need to do anything except catch the rocket in time;
  • built-in game automation function - you can set the number of series, re-flights and auto-cashout at a specific coefficient;
  • merged profiles - no need to re-register, access appears from the bookmaker's basic account.

The weak points are:

  • random factor - the results are still randomized, despite strategies that allow them to be predicted;
  • little flexibility compared to sports betting - there are fewer betting models that a bettor can use.

We do not recommend evaluating rates in jet x Mostbet only by “dry” pluses and minuses. They are generic and may not be suitable for many players. It’s more correct to try to play on your own, especially since a demo account is provided for this.

Законность JetX Mostbet

Legality of JetX Mostbet

A game where a rocket or plane allows the user to earn money by using the game mechanics of a timely "catch" is completely legal. It does not violate any legal act regulating gambling, and is equated to exactly the same gambling. It is possible that for many the form will be unusual, but the essence does not change from this.

How to deposit for Jet X India

Before you can start earning money in the game with an airplane or rocket, you need to make a deposit. There is nothing complicated about this, because the account is the same as the account. You need to do the following:

  1. Open a personal account in Mostbet.
  2. Go to the "Payment" section.
  3. Select a replenishment method.
  4. Specify the amount.
  5. Confirm payment.

You can save payment details for the future, so that later you do not have to re-link a card or payment system wallet. You can also withdraw funds from them.

The standard term for replenishment and withdrawal is up to 5 working days.

How to play JetX Mostbet India

If he talks about the main question of newbies, then he is always about how to play the Jet X India rocket game. We have already described the general principle of the game, explaining that the player needs to catch a rocket in time at the desired odds in order to win. Step by step, everything looks about the same:

  1. Open JetX.
  2. Specify the bet amount.
  3. Optionally, we enable additional settings for automatic resumption of the game or auto-cashout at the desired coefficient.
  4. Click on the "Place a bet" button.
  5. We catch a rocket in time.

The JetX game in Mostbet is actually a little different from the same Aviator, which is presented in other bookmakers. The principle of operation of these games is identical.

How to play Jet X Mostbet on mobile

You can play JetX on your smartphone in the same way as on the desktop. This can be done in the app or mobile version of the site, but we still recommend using the bookmaker app for iOS or Android. The general procedure for how to play JetX on mobile is as follows:

  1. Open the Mostbet application.
  2. Go to navigation menu.
  3. Click on JetX.
  4. Specify the bet amount and optionally specify other settings.
  5. Close the bet.

All bets on JetX are calculated exactly the same as in the web version. You can withdraw the money won through your personal account.

Demo version JetX Mostbet

Those who are not ready to start betting on JetX right away can use a demo account. It will allow you to use the bonus money that the bookmaker will give the player, thereby not spending his own. Here's how to enable demo staking mode in JetX:

  1. Open the official website of the bookmaker.
  2. Go to JetX game.
  3. Select the "Demo" mode in the upper right corner.
  4. Begin to play.

The number of attempts is not limited, which means that you can try different strategies and betting models in order to start playing for personal funds already prepared.

Earnings on Jet X Mostbet - strategies

Betting strategies at JetiX India will provide the greatest efficiency in terms of earning in bets. They were created taking into account the mathematical model of the game, so they are practically an algorithm of actions to win. Better only needs to adapt it to current conditions in a timely manner.

JetX Mostbet - Reliable Crash Prediction Strategy

This technique works solely on the theory of probability and may not always lead you to success. However, there is a pattern here and this has been confirmed more than once by several players. And here's how to bet in Jet X on Mostbet using it:

  • if the rocket falls at a coefficient of 1.09, then we wait for 3-5 bets, and only then we bet on winning above 1.10;
  • if the rocket falls on a multiplier of 1.10, then the next 1-3 bets will be winning for a coefficient of 1.09+.

The range is usually exactly 1 unit, so we do not recommend setting higher than 2.09 if you are initially targeting 1.09.


This is a catch-up, familiar to many, which is the main betting model in the JetX game on Mostbet. And here's how to play Jet X on Mostbet using it:

  • choose the amount of the bet and the minimum acceptable coefficient;
  • put and wait for the result;
  • if you lose, then double the bet, leaving the same odds;
  • if you win, then we stop one series of bets and start another - you can choose a new bet size, odds, etc.

Also take into account that you can only earn money in JetX in this way in small batches. There will not be a big jackpot right away, so you will have to move towards profit gradually.

Jet X Mostbet India algorithm

If you are interested in the game algorithm, then it is as follows:

  1. The player sets the settings. The sequence and length of the series, auto-cashout.
  2. Specifies the size of the bet. Uses a fixed or dynamic amount.
  3. Starts to play. Applies strategies or decides to go "through".

If we are talking about how the game with the plane, which allows you to earn money, forms the coefficient and sequence of failures, then this information is available only to supervisory authorities. Obviously, the publication of this algorithm in the public domain would allow the creation of cheats for bets in jet X.

Bonuses and promo codes for JetX Mostbet India

The only bonus for playing JetX at Mostbet is the deposit bonus. You can get it after registering, using any promotion or applying a JetX bonus code.

There are no free bet type bonuses that would allow you to make free bets. The reason for this is the specifics of the calculation, which will not allow you to work with "non-existent" amounts.

Interesting facts about JetX Mostbet

Some interesting facts about the Jet X game in Mostbet before you started playing.

Max win

Those who play JetX correctly and persistently can get the maximum winnings. It will be equal to x10 of the final bet. And this also applies to those bonus funds that can be obtained using a deposit bonus.

Maximum and minimum bet

But the minimum bet on a rocket in JetX is $1. The maximum bet size has no restrictions and can be as much as you need. At the same time, the smallest bet on the aircraft is converted at the current rate into any currency that is set in your personal account.


And in conclusion of the analysis of bets on the rocket game, we will analyze a few “additional” questions that may be of interest to a beginner.

JetX Calculator

If you look for information on how to play Mostbet on JetX, you will surely come across a calculator. Moreover, the context of its use can be anything, from a mathematical formula to a program that can automatically calculate something.

In order to avoid incorrect bets on JetX in Mostbet, we warn you that the concept of a calculator in this game is meaningless. We already have a strategy that allows us to try to predict the fall of the multiplier. And it takes into account the last 4-5 bets manually, so that the bookmaker does not mistake this for fraud using third-party programs.

JetX hack

The idea of hacking the game is also unrealistic and illegal. Firstly, there is simply nothing to hack here, because all bets on this rocket in Mostbet are random and operate according to the algorithm. Secondly, this is a violation of the law and the terms of the user agreement.

JetX Bot

It is possible, but not necessary, to find a bot to play with a rocket that would make money on its own. The developer foresaw that the continuous process of short-term bets could be tedious, so he built in the autoplay feature. The player can choose in the settings the number of series, their duration and auto-cashout at a specific coefficient.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jet X Mostbet India

How to earn real money playing JetX Mostbet India?

The most effective way to make money in JetX is to use strategies and be systematic. Everything here is based on the algorithm, so you need to approach the game mathematically.

How to withdraw winnings?

The funds won can be received in your personal account in the "Withdrawal" section. You will need to enter the details and the amount.

How is the money won calculated?

They will be calculated according to the bet amount and the odds won according to the following formula: bet amount * odds = winnings.

Is Jet X Mostbet India reliable?

Yes, this game has passed the fair play test and its algorithms are not "adjusted" based on the player's luck.

Can I play JetX Mostbet for real money?

Yes, JetX only supports real money. The only exception is a demo account, where the system provides you with bonus money.